• Iken Personics is a customer analytics company that
    provides N = 1 deep personalization solution using
    Hybrid AI technologies to business in various
    domains such as Telecom, Media &
    Entertainment, Ecommerce etc.

    Our personalization solution moves away from segmentation & business rules
    and focuses on creating single customer view, hence enabling intelligent
    recommendation driven by self learning, operationally integrated solution
    provided by our revolutionary platform, Mooga.

  • Maximize the revenue of your business

    Predict your customers' intentions and recommend the perfect product to each
    of your customers. Enhanced customer
    experience will assure customer loyalty and increase in revenue

    Around 03x business impact and 01.5x upsurge in conversion
    – as experienced by one of our clients

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  • Right product, right place, right time

    Understand the context and intent of the users to get an insight into their
    behavior. Provide your customers with an enriched experience with time - based
    and location-based personalization.

  • One size doesn't fit all

    Most of our competitors in personalization space see customer analytics as
    mostly a big data problem with a segmentation or micro-segmentation approach.
    However, we believe that personalization is a qualitative problem, where each
    user needs to be treated individually, hence N=1 Approach!

  • Industry Flexibility

    We cater to multiple business verticals such as telecom, media & entertainment,
    retail, banking, insurance and travel, through various inbound & outbound
    channels. Our platform is designed with loosely coupled services, such that it
    integrates and quickly adapts business needs, hence enabling automated &
    intelligent recommendation.

  • Iken Personics is the catalyst that will speed up your
    business and your company's growth.

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